Skipjack is Creating A New World Online

After settting up your Zetanet Core Account (ZCA), all of the below benefits could be enjoy by Skipjack users all around the world. And soon, Skipjack will replace the so call https and .com because we don’t need it anymore!


Skipjack Creation for a new world online:

1. A 3 in 1 Platform.

Adoi for chat, Adoi for Payment and Adoi for E- commerce. Currently, only Adoi for chat is running smoothly. Also, we have tested the chatting platform and video call online from Philippine to Indonesia,  from Indonesia to Malaysia and also from Indonesia to Africa. All  the testing phase, all we can comment is  the chatting and video call runs very smoothly faster.

However, if you are using the Adoi video call and it’s lag, that is because your current internet is slow or you are running out internet data. That is why Skipjack is creating the Zetanet to combat this problem.


2. Zetanet.

Zetanet is the internet 2.0 which will replace the current internet we are using right now and it is going to be so fast than you can ever imagine. What if I say, you don’t need a server to store your data? You think that it is impossible? Actually it is not with Zetanet by using Jack’s Law theory. A serverless core! Imagine that. Not to forget, we will have our own search engine and social media.


3. Zetanet products.

Then, out of Zetanet, Skipjack is planning to create a new android which is a new operating system for our smartphones. Zetanet is the key that would make everything possible for a new online world and it will launch in late 2020. While Jack’s law theory is the key to Zetanet!


4. Quantum Bank.

Or Q bank for short and this is a modern bank using Skipjack encrypblock technology. Investor also already invested 50 million USD  to start up Skipjack Quantum Banking.

After this, QR pay will be replace or will have a new competitor called Q pay by Quantum Bank. The fees would be as minimal as possible because it has less human interventions and Q bank are not operating like conventional bank.  We are a new way kind of bank.

With Q bank system, your peer to peer transfer will become easier and now everyone can transfer their money anywhere in the world  in a very fast transfer with a very minimal fees. A mobile payment will also be created and of course we will have our own ATM machine.


If you still still thinking about Zetanet, mark our words, sooner or later you will be using Zetanet and it will become part of your life. It’s either you join today and you join later with the crowds. But, of course you will misssed out the special privileges received by our early Skipjack members.


P.S. Don’t just watched us grow and missed it again like Bitcoin. Join us now and setup your Zetanet Core Account (ZCA) and become the early adopters of a new world online.

Hafiz Mokhtar

Skipjack Encrypcurrency is the next digital money that will take over the world. Be the first to join our journey.

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