A Story About Two Fellow Skipjack Member

Good morning all. This is a story about a fellow Skipjack member trying to help his friends by helping him get more money through capital gain from buying Dimes. So this is the Story of two fellow Skipjack Member about buying Dime. Here goes nothing. Read on.

Person  A: Why don’t you buy dime?
Person  B: I’m waiting for the exchanger to be released.
Person  A: It’s obvious that in April 2019 it can be liquidated.
Person  B: Yes … but don’t know.
Person  A: Will the price of dime go up later?
Person  B: People say if the open market can be liquidated, prices can drop.
Person  A: Are you sure?
Person  B: Yes, rest assured. I used to buy BTC first.
Person  A: Skipjack is different from BTC.
Person  B: I think it’s almost the same but the system is different.
Person  A: Do you really think Skipjack is like Bitcoin?
Person  B: Good luck. Because all the management is great people.
Person  A: Then why don’t you buy a lot of dimes – a lot if you are sure?
Person  B: I don’t know how it works Skipjack is how the process is thawed.
Person  A: Is Skipjack going forward and developing?
Person  B: Seems to be going forward and developing. But all of them are waiting for the disbursement process.
Person  A: What if you can cash it?
Person  B: Skipjack will be booming and growing rapidly. Like BTC first. They are willing to sell cars, houses and even go to the bank.
Person  A: Can I do that?
Person  B: Yes they hope prices will continue to rise.
Person  A: What if the price drops?
Person  B: Dropping is usually the first time to open the market. After that, people hunt all of them. Automatic direct prices skyrocket.
Person  A: Can I do that?
Person  B: Because when the market opens. People will test the melting dime. After that, they buy and buy continuously and continuously. Like BTC.
Person  A: Have you tried MT4 yet?
Person  B: Not yet. Later, if you open a new market, Try Mt4.
Indonesia people like it all out if they can get MT4 and disburse their funds. See if BTC.
Person  A: What do you think about Skipjack now?
Person  B: I hear it’s very unique and its development is extraordinary. To my surprise, I can quickly enter MT4. For those who like trading, the market has opened, it’s up.
Person  A: How come that is it huh?
Person  B: Yes, that is the game of the company that is trading hobby can be addicted and buy dime.
Person  A: Why does Wallet skipjack, huh? Expensive again.
Person  B: A lot is really because the safety system is good. Different from others.
This Skipjack is unique. If our dime is gone. Just give us your name and email. That’s what our thieves will find out and in the dime blocks, we will be returned. Different from others. Local banks can’t and are responsible.
Person  A: Great?
Person  B: not great anymore. That is outside. No one has a system like this in the world. They say they have Skipjack Police.
Person  A: Is there evidence?
Person  B: you don’t know the time. Look at the group. Try to cheat on your account in Blok.
Person  A: What other evidence is there or not?
Person  B: Yes. My friend’s account cannot be opened. Because at that time I want to buy a dime. The money has been sent but it’s not entered. After that, my friend’s account can’t be opened. Simply report to Skipjack by emailing. That is deceived and blocked. Our account is recovering. So if you want a dime, you have to ask a lot of questions and be careful. Because fraudsters are everywhere. What’s more, if it’s booming, then more and more fraudsters.
Person  A: oh that’s it. What are your plans next?
Person  B: I saw the development. And a little story a little friend invite them to register. Not bad for free 10 dimes. Before 1 December because after that only got 1 dime.
Person  A: What are you going to do?
Person  B: Do we see the same thing?
Person  A: Yes I also see. Not bad, I have 1,000 dimes.
Person  B: That’s good. Steady!
Person  A: Hopefully Skipjack can make us successful.
Person  B: Amen, wish you well and hope so.
Person  A: I want to pick up the child first.
Person  B: Yes, continue. I also want to meet friends.
Person  A: Assalamu’alaikum.
Person  B: Wa’alaikum Warrahmatullah.

P.S. If you want to become Skipjack member and get free 10 Dimes, please register here before 1 Dec 2018. And don’t forget to contact Admin to activate your account and buy minimum $50 package worth of Dimes.

Hafiz Mokhtar

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