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A few stories About Investors or Founder of mobile Apps that had become a millionaire.

As you know about Facebook, Facebook is a muti-billion company who had made a lot of investors become richer and richer. Some don’t even know about Facebook but still invest in it and when Facebook goes into IPO, they suddenly became a millionaire.

While Instagram who had only 13 employees at that time had sold it photo-sharing app to Facebook for about $1 billion USD. Last but not least, WhatsApp which is a messaging app had sold to Facebook for a whopping $19 billion in cash and stock.

But why did we share this? It is because we want to show you that it is not impossible to make a million dollar or a hundred thousand Dollars of profits from investing in Apps. It is possible and a lot of people had done that.




Skipjack had just signed an investment from United State investment banking with amount of $2 billion USD via Medium Term Note ( MTN ). The MTN is raise by Citibank N.A. and JP Morgan.


Therefore Skipjack announces ADOI Crowdfunding launching from today until  5 JUN 2019 with promotion offers as below:

1. BUY ADOI SHARE  for $1000 USD, you will get:

  • 0.0010% shares.
  • Free 4000 Doi Tokens.
  • 50 free Dime.
  • One free wallet choice.

2. BUY ADOI SHARE  for $2000 USD, you will get:

  • 0.0020% shares.
  • Free 8000 Doi Tokens.
  • 72100 free Dime.
  • One free wallet choice.

3. BUY ADOI SHARE  for $5000 USD, you will get:

  • 0.005% shares.
  • Free 20,000 Doi Tokens.
  • 500 free Dime
  • One free wallet choice

4. BUY ADOI SHARE  for $10,000 USD, you will get:

  • 0.010% shares
  • Free 40,000 Doi Tokens
  • 1000 free Dime
  • One free wallet choice

* You can buy every next $1000 USD.


What benefits will you get from Buying Adoi Shares?

Currently, the value of Adoi share is $ 200 million USD. So if you buy $1000 USD Adoi share now, you will get 0,001% of Adoi shares.

Assuming the next 5 years (2023) with the value of shares reaching like WhatsApp or WeChat $50 billion USD, your 0.001% shares will worth at least $500,000 USD during an IPO or trade in sales or acquisitions for a $1000 USD investment.  That would be a very good investment. Invest only $1000 USD and you profit $500,000 USD (2 Million Ringgit). So worth it. Although this estimation will change based on market conditions.


How To Buy Adoi Share Online?

Currently, for Malaysia and Singapore market, you can only buy Adoi share from E Fortune Network which is a company based in Malaysia.

E Fortune Network own www.skipjackmalaya.com website and you can buy Adoi Share online through our ONLINE SHOP HERE.

After the purchase, please send an e-mail proof of payment and KYC for verification and to receive Adoi share certificate like below:


Example of Adoi crowdfunding certificate worth $10,000 USD


For more information, please contact us at:

Click the mobile number below to WhatsApp us directly:

or email us at:

  • ceo@efortunenetwork.com


Where You can Download Adoi App?

You can download Adoi app currently only on play store. Download it HERE.

Hafiz Mokhtar

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