Skipjack Encrypcurrency is Not A Money Game

How does the Exchanger work for digital currency?

When the Market is buy, our Dimes can be liquid but to get the market to buy, we must create the demand. Normally, once the platform is up to create demand will be not difficult as the marketplace is already open.

However, If you just sit by and relax then want to be rich now. Just forget about it. We are not money game like any other currencies. This is because, if you want to become rich by waiting, you can join Bitcoin and wait like 10 years of just to liquid.

For example, even if you buy BITCOIN in 2009, do u think Satoshi will let you liquid in 2010. Don’t kid yourself. Btc can only start to liquid mostly after 2016 which is 7 years later.

The reason is because of market cap is building up but now btc market cap also goes down. Moreover, If BTC market cap keep going down this year. Probably, next year will make btc cannot be liquid. So to liquid, please understand about the market cap to all money gamers out there. Money gamers is not for this room.

That is why we adjust to do Zetanet Token (ZTN), where it will provide liquidity. As for Dimes, we need a bigger market cap to be able to liquid. And if all members works and create campaigns at their respective country, our market cap will be high enough to liquid.

That is why digital currency is called a digital asset. Asset means to keep until reach point of liquidity when market cap increasing.  To liquid, we must make demand in the market and push the market to buy. Because when there is a buyer, there will be a seller.

By luckily, if our platform is up at the end of April and our ZTN market become popular on ICO and blockchain, it will help us to pull all crypto investors to buy Dime and make Dime much more faster to liquid or for you to sell. Thus, it will make many exchangers to come to every country.


To get liquid fast, the strategy we can do are as below:

  1. Create demand by promoting encrypcurrency by our members to the new user.
  2. Use dime every day to send money local and international like western union.
  3. Campaign and Invite all trader to invest and trade in our MT5– buy and trade.
  4. Promote our ZTN ICO and create demand in our ZTN ICO, in order for all crypto investors and community to use ZTN and buy Dime when market blow.
  5. Use ADOI strategy as payment tool to buy product or services. If all merchant SME accept ADOI to use dime, crypto or fiat it will make our market cap big. For example, you buy your cigarette in ADOI to pay using QR code dime to SME or at small shops that sell cigarette or food.
  6. All banks start using encrypblock to use Dime to transfer money.


P.S. For Malaysian investors, if you want to invest in Adoi Share or buy Zetanet token(ZTN), you can buy it online through our online shop HERE.

Hafiz Mokhtar

Skipjack Encrypcurrency is the next digital money that will take over the world. Be the first to join our journey.

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