$100 USD Zetanet Token (ZTN)


For your information, Zetanet Token(ZTN) is a crowdfunding event for Zetanet project (Internet 2.0) created by Skipjack that will launch end of 2020. And Zetanet is a new internet will replace the new internet.  Skipjack targeted to crowdfunding for Zetanet project up to a minimum of $20 billion USD.  The current price for ZTN is $0.50 USD and the minimum to buy is $100 USD.


What You Get:

1. Current ZTN Price $0.50/ZTN.

2. $1 USD = RM4.20

3. $100 USD you will get 200 ZTN.

4. Skipjack predicted ZTN will rise to a minimum of $30USD per ZTN by Dec 2019.

5. We suggest small investor to buy at least RM4200 to get 2000 ZTN. When price ZTN increase to $30 USD, minimum profit you can get is RM240,000.

6. Exchanger opens on Jun 2019.



P.S. Every purchase you made through skipjackmalaya.com is under E Fortune Network Sdn Bhd, a register and official merchant approved by Skipjack Corporation.

10000 in stock


Dear ICO Investors!

In an effort to make your investing experience better, we are changing Dime Blockchain (DMC) to Zetanet Token (ZTN). In addition, we will be extending our presale ICO until 23 April 2019.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are making sure that everything will be smooth once we distribute the token you have purchased.  If you already purchase ZTN, kindly expect an email update from us on or before 23 April 2019.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the website below for research purpose skipjackfcn.com/ico/

Hafiz Mokhtar

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