1 Unit Funds of Funds (FoF)


What You Will Get:

1. Minimum to join Skipjack FoF is 1 unit which is equal to $1000 USD or RM4200.

2. You will get 8.4 Dime ($1000/$118.90) and Bonus Dime if have.

3. Minimum Profit 300%-500% per year.

4. Minimum 1 year lock period.

5. You will receive Skipjack FoF Series 2 Agreement. You must fill up all the details and sign it.

6. Profit can get up to RM100,000 to RM200,000 per year and profit GUARANTEED by SKIPJACK Corporation.

7. $1 USD = RM4.20 & Current Dime Price is $118.90

8. You will get a dividend for this investment after 6 months based on how many Dime you own in FoF.


P.S. Every purchase you made through www.skipjackmalaya.com is under E Fortune Network Sdn Bhd, a register and official merchant approved by Skipjack Corporation.


Skipjack Funds of Funds(FoF) is an investment through world number 5 investment banking which is called MUFG. Skipjack FoF is more to digital FoF and it’s goals is to maximize the profit of your investment using MSCI World Index and Skipjack Dime. For more information please read our detailed explanation about FoF here.

P.S. If you need to consult face to face before investing in any of our investment product especially FoF, please email us at ceo@efortunenetwork.com

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