$100 USD Dime


What You Get:

1. Dime is the world first encrypcurrency created by Skipjack Corporation.

2. The current price is $118.90 USD.

3. $1 USD = RM4.20

4. You can buy as many Dime as you want. The more Dime you buy, the more profit you can get.

5. Dime price forecast to be increased up to $300 USD by Dec 2019.


P.S. Every purchase you made through skipjackmalaya.com is under E Fortune Network Sdn Bhd, a register and official merchant approved by Skipjack Corporation.


Dear Investors,

Skipjack Dime is the most secure, fastest and reliable digital currency using our own new technology called superencrypblock. By using this technology, Skipjack is proven to be most secure than any other digital currency.

Hafiz Mokhtar

Skipjack Encrypcurrency is the next digital money that will take over the world. Be the first to join our journey.

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