How ZETANET in 2021 will look like?

-When people asked us how will zetanet looks like in 2021. Do we have the answer? I do not believe that we can say, “you will know by 2021, just wait” to explain what Zetanet is all about. That is not the right answer.


What do you think about Zetanet?

How will it look like? Is Zetanet gonna be the same like your internet browser google chrome, mozilla, or safari or as simple as play store. It is so boring with all this design and functionality. Zetanet is no where near their level.  The answer would be as the inventor of Zetanet  said, it will be a “No”.


Zetanet will look different when you open your computer like in Mac or Windows or Linux and even in when you open it on your smartphone, it will not be the same.


How wiil Zetanet look like?

We know Zetanet engine is a new protocol and 360 degree different from internet 1.0 engine develop by the Americans. It will have different encryption algorithm that as part of key component is any communication design. Zetanet is not TCP/IP and you cannot compare it to your TCP/IP as stated on our whitepaper. But you will never understand or imagine how this internet 2.0 if you’re just going to read the whitepaper.

In a Zetanet shell, inside the engine which is the encrypblock that used Jack’s Law theory.  However, you as a person that uses the computer or internet, you cannot know and understand the different.


So how will zetanet look like? Does zetanet have a browser? Is zetanet gonna have apps like android? My answer again is NO.


Lets look at the network of networks. Have we seen this in our life. Yes it is. We are part of the network of networks that God created and we never realise that.


Lets look in our Milky Way galaxy or our DNA or fingerprint. That is Gods’ Network of networks. That will be the basic principle of the network of networks that Zetanet will have.


The Skipjack Founder had already design the architecture of Zetanet protocol and software. It is the evolution of our first encrypblock protocol in Skipjack.


How it will looks like? It will be very different from your internet browser, it will not have a storage or a cloud, it will not have ip address, it will not have the “www” or even “https” and maybe it will not require a simcard for your phone. Its a new world inside your computer or smartphone. Sounds like impossible right? But, this is the future!


I hope I can show you how Zetanet looks as I imagine now to the people, by the time web summit 2019 happens in Lisbon, Portugal. Keep in touch and i will explain further how zetanet will look like.


P.S. Thanks yo Zetanet Founder for explaining about how Zetanet will works on 2021 and what possible features it will have.

Hafiz Mokhtar

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