Skipjack ZTN Token Progress Date

On 1 August 2019 we receivedĀ  an official statement date for Skipjack progress on August 2019.

This post is pointed out for those who had been wondering and asking about Skipjack progress, you can read our latest up to date project on August 2019. For this month, we will focusing on releasing the Skipjack Doi token / ZTN token.

For those who had been patiently and bought Doi/ZTN token, here are Skipjack progress date for you all of you:

  1. August 5 – Press Release
  2. August 7 – QA testing
  3. August 8- Test result must be submitted on this date.
  4. August 9 – Deployment on Eth blockchain, Submission to Listing sites for SC checking on their end
  5. August 10 – Further testing and GUI improvement
  6. August 12 – ICO ZTN Starts.

So, Skipjack ICO will officially starts onĀ  12 August 2019 and below the main four exchanger that you can cash out:

  1. Coin Codex.
  2. Changelly.
  3. Crypropotato.
  4. Ambcrypto.

Please, take your time to read about this four exchanger website so you can understand more about how the exchanger and crypto world works.


Hafiz Mokhtar

Skipjack Encrypcurrency is the next digital money that will take over the world. Be the first to join our journey.

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